One thought on “I am an Ethical Humanist

  1. Leaving the religion of your childhood is no easy task. I am still haunted by vestiges of it when I least desire it. I did my time with the great trail blazers of my time like Gould, Dawkins and others. After leaving it all behind in a blaze, I stubbornly turned back to pluck out of the fire the belief in a personal, loving God, minus the dogma and the religious authority. I can’t defend it logically. Perhaps it is just based on my own interpretations of personal experiences, or the near-death experiences of others (that Susan Blackmore’s skeptical dissertation failed to convince me of another explaination.) Or maybe it is the belief that you get pretty much what you expect or put another way, what you send into the universe gets sent back. My christian friends don’t understand how I can be a humanist, an evolutionist and a “Christian” they want to pray for me. So far I am glad I decided to open my mind and look behind the curtian. It has been exhilarating and liberating.

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